mortaxx Softworks: Software by Christian Hecht



Project history

First contact with the programming language Java in version 1.1, which was very praised at this time.

The result is a little command line tool which could index all kind of volumes and afterwords it could search the index for certain files. At the beginning the software runs under the operating system OS/2 Warp which contains by default a command line JDK as development environment.

Later on follows the port to Windows and a little GUI was created also.

Afterwards the tool and the Java knowledge moves in the background for a long time.

Early 2004:
A three week crash course for the certified ABAP developer brings the enthusiasm for development and object orient design back again. Constitutive on this the Java basics should be updated to the newest level.

Idea and new project: A software which to administrate working plans should be written - its name: JWorkPlan. As development environment JBuilder X from Borland is used this time.

December 2004:
Many little beginner faults later and after an development period of nine month the first final release of JWorkPlan is available.

Early 2005:
Some problems with the PHP configuration on the webserver of my provider leads to the idea for the next program. My website was based on a content mangement written in PHP which does not run correctly any more because some configuration on the server was wrong. To prevent such problems for the future, the online CMS should be replaced with a Desktop Content Management which generates complete HTML files locally on a computer. For this task FlatFusion CMS was written.

Christian Hecht, September 2005